Referrals Referrals Referrals

December 15, 2009

Since everyone loooves to give referrals – I thought I first explain why that is. Some of you may have your own reasons but these are some from the recent studies…..

1) For most people when the experience is pleasurable, enjoyable, statisfying etc – they want it to continue.

EX: I eat the best tasting croissant (like at Bakery Nouveau) – since I cannot have it all the time but love the sensation of the experience telling it to someone else helps me relive the experience. The more people I tell – the more I experience
that incredible mouthwatering taste.

2) Some people do a lot of research and it is very satisfying when things go right. By referring a successful experience it helps to confirm the experience and the value of their research to themselves. After all they spent a lot time looking for that right person.

3) Some people just like helping others. And if it worked for them – they think it will work for you and they get a double bonus of helping an inquiring friend and referring a servicer they liked.

Ofcourse there are others, such as power, control, monetary etc etc . Avoid these because your interest may not come first.